Winter Highlights

By Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It is hard to believe winter is behind us. Despite the snow that is falling right now, spring is here. I love when we get to say goodbye to winter, Meg is struggling a bit this year. She has never owned a dog before and is learning how quickly Hank can turn the main floor of her house into a mud pit. It’s fun for me to watch the struggle, plus for once I have a cleaner house than her.

Back to winter. I don’t know about you, but this one felt very different for us. The weather was odd, which meant our usual winter activities did not happen; no tobogganing, and we only skated on the pond twice. That is rare.

The other night at the dinner table we were discussing the highlights of the past winter. It was unanimous, our trip to Quebec City with Expedia Canada took top prize. It was so much fun. The kids want to repeat the exact same trip next year; the lofts, the skiing and the carnival. We suggested more skiing, not as much carnival.



kaiskiingAnother fan favourite was the visit we made to our friend’s farm a few weeks ago. The kids were able to go snowmobiling, check out the animals and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. That sounds like something people would pay to do.

Freya and Malone at the farm
They loved getting pulled on the sleds behind the snowmobile. I had never driven a snowmobile before, and the owner seemed very receptive to me trying. My first question was “has anyone ever tipped one over?”. He looked at my quizzically and said “not at the speed you will be going.” I was pumped, we went over the fundamentals, then I took his daughters and Stella with me on my inaugural voyage. As I was trying to make the first turn I felt like the snowmobile wasn’t turning, the next thing I knew I had tipped it over. I was horrified and scared shitless that I had squished everyone on the back. Luckily the girls had jumped off-everyone was okay. I hit the kill switch and lifted back it back to the upright position.  I felt like a such a dork. I’m over snowmobiling.

jax kai

girls at barn door

Meg and I both agree one of the best things that happened to us this winter were our Ugg Australia boots; there are now two stores in Toronto, and an outlet at Vaughn Mills. Being outside with your kids for an extended period is impossible without warm feet. Now that we have experienced them we can never go back. Meg is rocking the Adirondack boot below.meg and jaxAttending our beer master class was pretty amazing as well. It has changed the way Meg and I think of beer and now enjoy it more regularly than we did. That is exactly what the two of us needed, another alcoholic beverage to fall in love with.


Here’s to making fun spring memories!

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