Who Am I? And Other Trivial Questions…

By Thursday, September 15, 2016

I can always tell when Leigh is on to something new. Her early morning call will be filled with random questions, or act as an opportunity to berate me with her new found “knowledge”. You can imagine the conversation that arose when she asked me, Who am I?

We are many things, and lately, with the increased exposure to new people and scenarios, it is easy to recognize the different elements of our identity that we expose. It happens everyday – the person you reveal at your kids bus stop or on your commute; the woman you are at the grocery store, doctor’s office, or when having drinks with old friends; all reflect the inner workings of your personality.

Getting back to Leigh’s question, Who Am I? She’s deeply invested in her new read, The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, which asks such heady, thought-provoking questions in an attempt to free ourselves from limitations. In other words, Leigh thinks she’s on the path. I’m going to bet she can’t get through more than three pages a night before she passes out. But I applaud her efforts.

How do you answer that question? You are not allowed to state your name or relationships you may have, i.e. sister, daughter, mother.

The answer is much more complicated than I ever considered and I’m afraid I don’t have it quite yet. Apparently Leigh is going to help me get there (that’s not a joke – she’s convinced reading a chapter has made her guru).

Wish me luck,


I love this guide on How To Be Yourself and am thinking I need the author’s daily companion, 1 Page At A Time:1pageatatime

Also, we did a Facebook Live about Leigh’s spiritual journey.

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