What Freaked You Out As a Child?

By Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yesterday Billie and Stella came home from school very excited to share about the visitors they had in their classroom; two police officers. Billie, who was quite animated, filled me in on all that she learned. She was, however, very surprised when one of the officers had a picture of Leigh in their notebook:

Billie: Mom and guess what?

Me: What?

Billie: The police had a picture of Leigh in his notebook.

Me: No he didn’t Billie.

Billie: Mom, yes he did. It was Leigh’s face in his notebook mom.

Me: Why would he have a picture of Leigh in his notebook?

Billie: Because she speeds all the time, so they can look out for her.

I spent more time trying to assure Billie that although Leigh has received a few speeding tickets, she is not a major offender, or someone they would need to keep a picture of in their police notebook. Billie was not convinced. This took the conversation in a different direction about “bad people”. Billie has it that robbers are the worst people in the world. Whenever a discussion comes up about people doing something wrong or evil, immediately Billie will ask, “Oh, like a robber”? I appreciate her naiveté. Last night when she woke up in a panic, it was due to a potential robber that she thought was in her room – thankfully that was not the case.

It made me think about what scared me as a child. I was a bit of a scaredy-cat, everything frightened me. I made a huge mistake watching Child’s Play and Pet Cemetery at a sleepover when I was young. I could not get passed Chucky, he freaked me right out. Not to mention I had Rigadoon Dolls all over my room. I was convinced at night they were going to come alive and attack me. I was proactive and locked them in the bathroom – as if a maniacal doll couldn’t get out of that.

Rusty was my favourite. After watching Child’s Play things were never the same.

Wizz thinks my childhood fear was pathetic:

Wizz: Chucky scared you? He was a doll cruising around with a Chef’s knife.

Me: I know, that’s why I was so scared. What freaked you out as a child?

Wizz: Head bangers.

Me: What? Like Twisted Sister?

Wizz: Yes, guys that looked like that. Back in the 80’s those crazy fucks would beat you up for looking at them.

While discussing this, Leigh walked in, so we asked her too:

Leigh: Oh my gosh – Gremlins. I had to sleep with the covers over my head.

Wizz: Shit Leigh, with your latest procedures I think you should still sleep with the covers over your head. If someone asked me as an adult what scares me, I would say Leigh.

What scared you as a child?


#tbt to Wizz dressing up as a head banger. Little did I know he was facing his fears here:

headbanger wizz



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