Weekend Roundup

By Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How was your weekend?  Mine was good, only a couple of hiccups, but nothing major. Meg and I both promised each other we wouldn’t lose our minds and pig out on chocolate. We also said we wouldn’t buy too much. We did neither. I feel disgusting this morning. I’m going to punish myself at the gym in an effort to sweat it out.

As far as the hiccups go, I decided I would get involved with the kids and chase them around, play with them. They challenged me to a game of Man Hunt; I was hiding in window wells, underneath the trampoline, all in an effort to pounce on my unsuspecting victims. Instead, I caught no one and pulled my groin. I can no longer catch my kids. That’s not true, I can catch Freya, but she never runs away from me anyway. I even carried the boys net to the school so they could set up a game of road hockey. Leigh & Meg. Weekend Round up

On Sunday, Malone wiped out on her scooter and spent the rest of the evening complaining about her arm. I did some preliminary diagnostic testing and concluded I didn’t know what the fuck was wrong, so we went to the Emergency room.  I forgot how scuzzy hospitals are, we quickly left.  I had this nagging feeling that we didn’t need to be going to the doctor at all. I kept asking “are you faking?” as we moved onto a walk-in clinic. We spent three hours there, I am still waiting for the x-ray results. Luckily, after spending my day waiting for doctors, Malone’s arm took a positive turn. I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard about the x-ray because there is nothing to hear about.

I feel relived that there are no holidays or long weekends in April. I’m going to use it to my advantage; chill out, not socialize, drink green crap and convince myself it tastes good.



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