Travelling as a Parent

By Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meggie Lou and Robbie Leigh (did you know they have country names?) are leaving tomorrow for California.  I can count on one hand the amount of times they have travelled together since becoming parents. That tally would be once. In 2007 they went to Florida, where they eloped, but that was only because a good friend of Wizzy’s was getting married there. Jax was two, Kai was 8 months-old and would not take a bottle. Our mom was left to deal with them, luckily I was still in South Africa.

Meg was away last week in NYC, as you know, which means she is heebing out about going away again so soon. It has lead to numerous heady conversations about travelling.

Meg: Could you travel a lot now that you are a parent?

Me: No – if it’s for bullshit.

Meg: Thanks for clarifying. Seriously, how often could you leave the kids?

Me: I couldn’t travel like Dylan does. He’s away too much. If the trips were short and to different places, I would have no problem.

Meg: I don’t know.

Me: Well pony up sister. We’ve got shit happening and are going to be travelling more, you’re also going away tomorrow.

Meg: I know. What’s wrong with me?

Me: You haven’t done it enough. It’s a muscle that needs to be flexed. Your travel muscle is flabby and totally out of shape. Maybe if you hadn’t got knocked up while in university things would be different. I would blame Wizz, or Dad.  Also, stop heebing. I’m the one that’s left with all the fucking kids AND a dog. Asshole.

Meg: Shit, Leigh you have to watch Hank. He’s regressing and eating socks again.

Me: I can’t keep my kids from fucking my house up, how am I going to manage Hank? I flushed the fish down the toilet, I couldn’t handle having two pets in the house.

Meg: You flushed the fish? When?

Me: Two days ago. The kids haven’t even noticed, and they say they’re ready for a dog.

Meg and I approach the idea of leaving our kids differently. I have no desire to be gone multiple times a month, but if the trips were short I wouldn’t bat an eye at leaving. When it comes to Meg, you can actually see her recoil at the prospect. I think it’s because her kids complain about having to stay with me, so she feels guilty. Little shits.

Ultimately, time away from your kids, whether it’s for work or pleasure is a good thing. I know it. Meg knows it.



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