Thrill Seeking Thursday

By Thursday, June 23, 2016

Meg and I love having fun, which at times has bordered on being flat-out scared. We not only want to be telling our children what to do, we also want to show them.  Somewhere along this parenting journey the roads intersect; our sense of duty overtakes our own desires to “stay in the game” and play too. We start to become bystanders; we sit patiently observing, cheering and supporting. Time constraints and the daily grind slowly start to chip away at your joie de vie. In effort to push back on that, we are introducing a new series: Thrill Seeking Thursday.

We have so many amazing, fun and slightly crazy adventures planned we felt it time to start sharing them.

We want you to come on this adventure with us. All we ask of you is to test yourself a few times a year. Each quarter find an opportunity to do something thrilling. Let’s take back adventure.

To staying in the game.



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