Thrill Seeking Thursday: Dirt Biking

By Thursday, July 14, 2016

We introduced a new series, Thrill Seeking Thursday, a few weeks ago. This series is not just about doing random, fun activities, although it kind of is! More so, it is a call to action for all of us to take back adventure. We want everyone to join us in finding ways to inject some excitement into your lives. It’s not realistic to spend every Thursday being adventurous, instead we think a few times a year will do, every quarter. Find a partner to participate with you, and make a pack to step outside your norm and be bold.

For our inaugural Thrill Seeking Thursday Adventure Meg and I wanted to do something neither of us have tried before. We wanted it to be rugged, a tad dirty and involve a motorized vehicle. Enter Trail Tours-Dirt Bike/ATV School. We spent the whole day learning how to ride dirt bikes and it was everything we hoped it would be: exhilarating, challenging, a little scary and fun. Our instructor, Allan, was fantastic. He was professional and yet still managed to handle both Meg and I, which was no doubt more difficult than a group of teenagers.


We geared up and set out for a day of being humbled and scared.

Here we are looking incredibly hot in our blue beanies:



I struggled with speed. Meg said she could have beaten me on foot and that Jax and Kai would have passed me on their riding mowers. I had to remind her it wasn’t a race. One thing I know for certain: witnessing Meg drive standard is the funniest shit you’ll ever see. If I polled people prior to this adventure and asked “Who will fall off their bike more?“, most people would pick me and most would be wrong. Meg went over the handle bars once, took a powerful spill in the forest, not to mention countless times watching her take off out of first gear. First gear is a struggle for Meg when driving a car and now I realize with a bike too. Her start is incredibly jerky and most times she stalls.  I fell off my bike once from laughing so hard at her. Unfortunately Allan didn’t witness Meg’s mishap and I looked like an asshole who couldn’t get on my bike properly.

Leigh&Meg-Dirt Bike

We rode Honda CRF 150F’s, which really did not mean anything to us until we saw all the different bikes. I was elated when I was able to ride the same bike model as Meg, initially I was put on a smaller bike because of my height. After assuring Allan I could reach the ground while sitting on the 150F, I received clearance. I did not want to be on the small bike, it only accentuated the size of my head. Speaking of which – how massive do our heads look in our helmets? Pretty sizable, I’d like to say it’s all brain, but you know that’s a lie.

Leigh & Meg Dirt Biking

It was such a brilliant way to spend a day. Meg and I whole-heartedly achieved our goal – we were scared, we were challenged, we laughed our assess off; it was a thrilling day.

Meg is trying to convince Wizzy they should become a dirt biking family now. I’m not sure how that is going to go for her, but we definitely will be doing this again.

To thrill seeking!



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