The Marshall Showdown Reveal

By Friday, October 23, 2015

It was one year ago that Meg and I took Ross down in a 5 km running race. For a refresher, click here. We had filmed a lot of the day and then somehow, mysteriously, the camera and all our footage vanished.

Meg won by a landslide.  I had to sprint my ass off at the finish line as Ross showed up out of nowhere. I dropped my iPod on the road, in a state of panic. I haven’t sprinted that hard since playing field hockey in University. Wizz will not let me live down my “speed-face”, apparently it was one of the best he’s every seen. It didn’t feel right to Meg and I.  When we went looking for our camera, it was as if someone threw ninja dust, it was gone. I berated Ross, Jeff, Wizzy and Dylan mercilessly for awhile, then I blamed myself for losing it; in the end I decided Wells (our two-year-old nephew) must have grabbed it and put it somewhere. Not so.

Last week, my dear, sweet sister-in-law Dayna called to say that she had found a camera in Ross’s sock drawer. The fucker had it the whole time. I want to thank Dayna publicly for not protecting her husband-she’s acting like a seasoned vet at this husband/wife/sister-in-law thing.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure, Ross getting his ass kicked and the reason why the camera had been missing for a year:

The run was slightly over 5 km. Ross probably ran a total of 1 km. He had to do a solid 400 m at the end to catch me and he couldn’t. I should probably remind you at the time I had low iron, a bad knee, and am almost six years his senior. I think what we can all take away from this, is that cheaters always get caught. Always.

By the way, the boys threw water on his shirt to make him look sweaty. We are still waiting for the “sons of Dick to rise”.


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