Family Photo Shoot: The Video

By Friday, September 25, 2015

We accomplished the impossible last Sunday – all seventeen of us arrived early for our family photo shoot. Anyone who knows us will understand how preposterous that is. I lied to the entire family and told them we had to be at our shoot location for 3:30 pm, which I knew meant they would show up closer to 4 pm. The photographer and I had arranged for 4:30 pm start time. It was a record breaking day. I even told Leigh I lied about the time and she still managed to saunter in early.

The dress code restrictions were kept quite loose; no bright colours was our only limitation. I will not get the proofs for another week or so, but I feel confident that Jaime captured some great moments. Leigh and I attempted to record some of the day. Unfortunately we have misplaced our GoPro, which I’m blaming on Leigh and she is blaming on our mom. The video was not shot by a child. The highlights for me:

  1. Around the 20 second mark when you see my mom is giving Leigh shit about the GoPro situation.
  2. 1:45 in Leigh noticed a rainbow segment in the sky. The morning our dad died Leigh and I saw what we describe as a rainbow door on our run. In the video it looks like a smile; totally cool, the Dickster was there with us.
  3. The Funk singing at the end, and all of us shouting at Ross and Dayna while Jaime is attempting to get a photo of their family. When Ross was young he would walk around saying “I need passion, desire.” It was ridiculous. We all remember.


You can see from the video that Hank came, Flash too. Unfortunately the part where Ross lectures me on being a ‘weird dog person’ was not caught on tape. I hope the photos with Hank turn out, I want to have one framed for Ross.


  • yvonne murphy
    September 26, 2015

    hi Marshalls!!!! i loved this video and really miss seeing your mom since your mom and i both had 4 kids in 5 years!
    please give her my email !!!
    how many grandkids total does she have now?
    I just had my 9th!
    give her my number as well…i go from Los Angeles back to newmarket now so tell her to touch base

  • Smelly
    September 29, 2015

    Wonderful !!!
    I am the biggest fan of your Mom.. I have such admiration for her.. She is one special Chick ! She just makes ya smile.’

    bet the pics are terrific !

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