The Bere Experiment

By Tuesday, August 12, 2014

That’s Bere.

My family experimented with owning a dog over the weekend. Our kids have wanted a dog for a few years, although they do not really know what having a dog means. I know alone I would not be a good enough dog owner. I need the support of additional family members, assisting me with the care of an animal. I am lucky that I live with Cesar Wizzino, a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer. Wizz is a jack of all random trades. For instance, he can brand cattle, assess a concussion and train dogs. He can not fix things around the house. Growing up he had a few dogs, most of them named Penny, and because of this, he knows what a dog needs and how discipline them. All of this would be very beneficial if we decided to get one of our own.

Back to Bere, he is huge; friendly, hairy and loving. I can see why people enjoy the company of dogs; Bere is nice to be around. What is not nice to be around is the hair he sheds and the destruction that causes a clean floor. Surprisingly, I find his shedding fur more annoying than picking up his excrement, which I thought would be too much to take. It is a lot of work to maintain your house with this guy around. The question is, is it a deal breaker?  jax&bear

Today marks our last day with Bere. We kept him an extra night, and if I am being honest I am not happy to see him go, I will miss him. However, am I motivated to get a dog????

What I like about having a dog:

1.Companionship. They really are mans best friend.

2. Security. It felt nice having him patrolling the house. The other night Dyl walked in after the kids were all in bed. I was upstairs and Bere was like “Yo, dude, who the hell are you?” It was comforting.

3. Forced walking. I enjoy going for strolls, but find it is something I rarely find the time for. With a dog you have to go, morning and night, which I like.

4. Occupying the kids. Billie is enamored with him, more so than the boys. She loves taking care of him. I believe only positive things come from teaching your kids to care for something other than themselves. Freya spent an hour with him on the porch, mainly talking about life:


5. Crumb control – as much as he contributes to the dirty floors, he also helps by cleaning up the crumbs the kids leave.

What I do not enjoy:

1. The hair and dog prints on my floor. I can’t keep up with the cereal and crusted yogurt on my floor.

2. The wet dog smell.

3. I’m sure when winter rolls around I will not be as enthusiastic about the twice daily strolls.

The Manny had a great idea yesterday, a dog share. That could work out really well. The two of us could share the responsibility. He and Dayna could have it sometimes and then we could have it the rest of the time. Those weekends when we are gone with hockey, or he and Dayna are at a birthday party, that spans an entire weekend, we could step in.

Bottom line is, this experiment has brought me no closer to a decision. I assumed after some time with a dog in the house, I would feel less inclined to own one, but that is not the case.




  • The Accidental Mama
    August 12, 2014

    I always wanted a dog. My parents never got one. Instead, when I met Fiance, he had cats. I never liked cats. I loved these cats. But I still want a dog. Especially with a mouse in the house…
    The Accidental Mama

    • meg
      August 14, 2014

      Accidental Mama – get one now!

  • Krista
    August 28, 2014

    If you would like to trial a dog again just let me know! You can take your pick!

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