Outdoor Movie Night

By Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Every year when school comes to an end Meg and I have a little party for the kids. It is never anything extravagant, usually it involves letting them pick what we eat for dinner and staying up late. This year, we wanted to kick it up a notch, but still keep it low-stress. We decided on an outdoor movie party with FreshAirCinema.

Leigh & Meg: FreshAirCinema

The only thing Meg and I had to do was supply the snacks. The team from FreshAirCinema put up the screen and supplied the movie. The kids were so excited when they figured out what was going on, they couldn’t wait for it to get dark.

It got a little awkward watching Meg and Wizz take down a bag of G.H Cretor’s Chicago Mix. I flat-out won’t touch the stuff, it’s that good, once you start you can not stop, obviously:

popcorn collage
There are different sized screens for you to choose from, we went with the smallest one, which was great in our space.


The kids found cozy spots to get comfortable and enjoyed the show.

Kai & Remy

Billie & JaxI kept thinking about how much more enjoyable this experience was compared to the Drive-In theatre. I think it would be a great fundraising idea for schools or teams.

Make sure you have bug spray and lots of blankets!


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