Summer Highlights

By Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Well, it’s coming to an end, summer 2016 is gonzo. This final week is administrative – picking up school supplies, lunch goodies and new shoes. We would love to say that we have successfully have the kids back on a more respectable routine, but that is not the case. Bedtime is happening much too late. Most mornings the kids wake up late, moody and tired.

This summer might have been our best yet with children. We had so many great experiences and the kids are at easier ages. No one had to be followed around the pool or put down for a nap. We could send them on bike rides around the block, which we did, a lot.

From cottaging, to rocking climbing, to what seemed like weekly ice cream stops, here are our summer highlights:

Exploring at a cottage:
A snake!
They climbed the side of a rock wall and felt pretty proud.
Another form of rock-climbing:


And zip-lining!


We went on a Hummer tour and experienced what they are actually for.


icecreambenchInstead of strawberry picking this summer, we switched it up and grabbed raspberries. We are risk-takers like that:

Plus, lots of mini-putt.

It was an incredibly full and fun summer.


Our New York adventure should be included too.

And our outdoor movie night!


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