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By Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Meg and I spent four days in the Big Apple, which was fantastic. However, it wasn’t without its foibles. Our hotel was right smack dab in the middle of Times Square. Meg drove me up the wall with how many times she commented on what a shithole Times Square is. She couldn’t get passed it, which annoyed the shit out me.

I hate Times Square

I got back at her by pretending to be a photographer and yelling “fashion blogger shot” every few minutes. I ended up with so many shots – here is day 2:

Leigh&Meg - NYC

I love the picture of her trapesing through horse shit, how many fashion bloggers have that shot in their repertoire? That leads me to my next story. Meg and I were exploring the city not far from the Hudson River, around 37th Street, when we came across this truck:

Central Park Carriages

As we passed the truck a man appeared. We immediately asked him if that truck did indeed carry horses, it looked too small. That question led to a fascinating twenty minute discussion. Turns out, the gentleman we met, Cornelius Patrick Byrne owns Central Park Carriages which houses the horses and carriages used in Central Park. We couldn’t get over how an unassuming building in the heart of the city was a horse stable. We took full advantage and seized the opportunity to check it out:





I think it’s fair to say that Meg and I logged over 50km in four days. We walked everywhere: SOHO, NOHO, Highline Park, Battery Park, the financial district, Central Park, Times Square and Brooklyn. We were not long in Central Park when the biggest storm I have ever been caught in broke out. It was insane. Meg and I were drenched and had to haul our soggy asses back to the hotel.


We did not take one taxi, which surprised me; I am not a very thrifty traveller. When I get tired I am more than happy to pay extra to avoid lines and choas. Did you know it costs only $2.75 to get from the airport to the heart of Manhattan? That includes a bus transfer. That’s a steal. The only difficulty I encountered with public transit was from the stupid card swiping machines. I could never get it to accept my metro card on the first swipe. It became an unwritten rule that I would go through first.


It was such a busy four days, looking back I can not believe everything we accomplished; we even went to the Today Show. My highlights include our afternoon in Brooklyn, walking Highline Park and listening to Broadway performers live in battery park. Meg will never go to Times Square again, I know that for sure.



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