Redirect My Focus

By Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I can’t stop thinking about Donald Trump. The more I try not to, the more I do. It’s disgusting me. I made everything worse by watching Alex Bladwin do him and thought, is this funny? How can someone impersonating him, be funny? And the pussy blouse Melania wore, was that a joke too? Come on.  Every time I turn around there is yet another instance of misogyny, sexism and remarks so base and crass they would sound awful coming out of the mouth of a teenager, let alone a grandfather.

Here is what I have done to redirect my focus:

  1. Ate half a pumpkin pie.
  2. Read more about International Day of the Girl.
  3. Checked out Lena Dunham’s Lenny letter  and thankfully she has come up with five scenarios where it’s perfectly okay to “grab’em by the pussy.”
  4. Fuck Jerry. You need to follow him.
  5. Made a appointment at Lemonberry. I’m getting jeans this week. I’m over my “journey”.

Writing this has been cathartic as well. What do you do to re-center yourself?



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