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By Thursday, March 5, 2015


When did kid food and adult food become two separate things? Do you remember your mom making you a different meal than what her and your dad were eating? Why do we feed our kids shit that we would not eat?

Leigh and I are taking a stand. On average Leigh and I make dinner five nights a week, the other two nights would include a take-out or convenience meal and a evening when our husbands organize dinner. Most nights our meals are pretty basic – a lean meat, some veggies and a carbohydrate for the kids. Those meals tend to go down without a hitch. When we find ourselves in trouble are the nights we veer off that path, let’s say I get crazy and make pad thai – the kids are not down with that. In the past what Leigh and I do on those nights is make pad thai for ourselves, and pasta or eggs for the kids. No more. By the way, this is the pad thai recipe I use, it’s great, although I usually make more sauce. If I’m eating pad thai, my kids are eating pad thai. At that particular offering the kids did not overly enjoy the pad thai. To feel more satiated, I allowed them to make themselves a snack including only real food.

Recently, Leigh read an article about this invention of “kiddie food” which is really only a North American phenomenon. No where else in the world do kids exist on “kiddie food”. This only spurred Leigh and I on more. Kids eat food. Period. If you are Korean, you eat Korean food, not some whacked out version of food that comes from a box with bright, obnoxious colours on it. In Mexico, families make one meal and then everyone eats it.

How do you stop the insanity? You take inspiration from the French, Leigh’s favourite people. Here is a great illustration from a book we are reading, French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon:

french kids eat everythingI have found limiting snacks is a game changer, as well as getting the kids involved in the process. Family style is a big hit too. For some reason laying it all out on the table and letting them serve themselves works for us.

Do you find yourself acting as a short order cook? Have you had success with feeding your kids different food? Tell us how you handle dinnertime.



Illustrations from French Kids Eat Everything.

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