The No Complaint Challenge

By Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Last week, just before I was about to head up to bed, Wizz looked up at me from his phone and asked, “Want to do a 24 hour no complaint challenge?” Of course I responded with “okay.”

The premise is quite simple, spend 24 hours without complaining. Actually accomplishing it is another thing. Fuck I complain a lot. It was 10 pm when sweet Wizz made the suggestion and I didn’t last fifteen minutes without bitching. As I tucked myself into my cozy bed I contemplated the challenge before me and what the next day would bring. A lot of focus and awareness would be necessary to keep on the path of no complaints.

As expected, the day was indeed challenging. I immediately recognized that I am not a negative complainer; my complaints have a bit of pep and cheer to them. That does not change the fact that I am still whining.

Leigh and I did a quick vlog to give a breakdown of my experience. I sort of forgot she was wearing sunglasses, she is such a knob I am used to her randomness. She was unhappy with her appearance and decided if it is acceptable for celebrities to wear sunglasses inside, so to for her. I tried to reassure her, only assholes wear sunglasses indoors. She felt comfortable with that.

This challenge is for everyone to try. I am unsatisfied with how much I moan about the same things. It so boring and small minded. The trickiest part is heading out into the world, where you quickly become aware of how much everyone is riding the complain train and want you to hop aboard. It’s hard to navigate.

Having the kids take part was a highlight. Witnessing their level of self awareness expand is super gratifying. Moving forward our goal as a family is to help each other shut down unnecessary complaining. Here’s to chucking complaints out the window. Wish us luck.


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