Meg Gets a Dog

By Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meet Hank Marvin:

I talked about wanting a dog here and here. In December I started looking aggressively for a Bernese Mountain dog, I thought surprising the kids at Christmas with a puppy would be unreal. Then our friend who owns Bere, mentioned that house-training a puppy in the winter would not be the most fun. I had not considered that but thought it was  a very good point. So I put off the puppy, after all Wizz wasn’t sold on the idea. Then I remembered that Wizzy’s thoughts and feelings on this idea were not that important, he denied me a fourth child and therefore owed me something. We call that titty for tatty. In early May I found a breeder, went out for the meet and greet and then waited to see if the dam would birth a male for our family. Sure enough she did and I started having a tiny bit of anxiety about bringing a massive dog into our tiny home. The original deal was, we would find a new house and then purchase the dog. I reversed that.

We decided it would be fun to surprise the kids. Unfortunately Hank came on a weekend that Wizz was away, but Leigh filmed their reaction for him. It was perfect:

That was Saturday. So far so good. He has had a few accidents in the house, nothing major – knock on wood. I am acting like a first time mother, which Leigh and Wizz find extremely entertaining.

To dog ownership!



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