Marathon Darkness

By Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meg and I are still in a complete fog. Marathons are harder than labour. Yes, I’m actually making that declaration. We both feel spent, and look like pieces of garbage. I had a facetime call today, I think the people on the other end were frightened. I told them I did not have a mask on-it’s just my post marathon face. I cried, yelled, cursed, walked, limped, shook, froze my ass off only to be totally pissed at the end of it all.

Oprah beat me! So did Alanis Morrisette. A couple of friends have been kind enough to send me pictures of Oprah with kinds words like: “she kicked your ass”.

This message was from Wizzy:

Another “friend” sent me this text:


The most distressing part is wrapping my brain around doing another marathon. I failed so miserably this first go. My goal was not to just check it off my bucket list, I wanted to do it in under four hours.

My next marathon has to be somewhere warm. I told Dylan I was doing Honolulu. Fuck the cold. Did I mention how windy it was?

Here’s my finish, what a knob:

Meg was in a world of hurt as well :

My favorite part is when everyone was asking where I was. I made those girls wait a long time. Sorry girls, I was hobbling to the finish line.

I didn’t drink for a whole 8 days-I think that’s what angered me the most. Well, that and the ghetto sweatshirt I found on the road and put on, it was disgusting, but I was desperately cold.



  • Nancy Carlton
    November 3, 2014

    I want to say that I think you girls are awesome!!! Having just completed my 9th marathon, I know how hard these buggers are!!
    As for that whore Oprah and Alanis, well they should be ashamed of their times!
    After all, how great would it be to have a personal running coach, a cook, a maid and a nanny to look after your kids! All those bitches had to do was run! They both should have made it in under 4 hours with that support going on! Haha!
    Just like labor and childbirth, you will forget how fucking awful the whole day was and be signing up for another!!!

    Nancy Carlton

  • Amy
    November 5, 2014

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing Nancy! It’s like comparing ourselves to celebrities when they bounce back to their pre pregnancy weight in like 2 days… There’s just no comparison. Not to take away from their acheivements but it’s a totally different ballgame.

    As for you Leigh, you should be proud of yourself! How many people do you know that have actually done a FULL marathon!? I realize you had a certain time you wanted to achieve, but I say your first marathon should be just completed- then work on the time after that. The fact that you trained for a marathon and got out there and did it, while caring for 3 little ones, is awesome and nobody can take that away from you:)

    • admin
      November 12, 2014

      Amy, I think if I had your cookies as my fuel I would have had a much different outcome!! Thanks for the kind words, I’ve got an idea, you do the next one with us:))

      • Amy Lloyd
        November 19, 2014

        Maybe you are right! I’ll give you a bunch of cookies for next time and we will see, might be a new way to market them haha. I would love to do another, not sure my knee would agree…. Was thinking I would try a half first before the big dog:)

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