Leigh’s Jean Journey

By Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I am on one of the most significant journeys of my life, a jean journey.

As a forty-year-old woman I have made a few decisions recently, one being, I will no longer wear shitty denim. Life changing, in the sense that I no longer own any pants.

At this stage of my life, I want a wardrobe of classic pieces that are quality, versatile and bring me joy. With the recent change in weather, I looked at my pathetic pile of jeans and accepted that I HATE almost every pair I own. It is time to embark on a jean journey and find my brand. This journey is going to be hard fought. My body presents fit challenges; mainly because my ass is larger than my waist and thighs and does what Meg and I refer to as “test” the seams.

My first stop was testing less expensive brands, hoping I could snatch up an inexpensive pair. That logic proved ill-advised.

As you can see, I am back at square one. I do have my vintage Levi’s, but those are not going to sustain me through the winter. I would like three to four additional pairs.

My criteria for finding the right pair of jeans:

  1. Comfort – I am not interested in stretch denim that makes me feel like I am trapped, or in sausage casing.
  2. Ease of wear – Can I dress them up or down? I have owned a multitude of jeans that could only be worn with heels. Heels do not frequent my feet often enough and therefore I have no need for “heels only” denim. Well, at least not five pairs.
  3. They flatter my behind. Again, I have too many jeans that require me to wear long sweaters because my ass looks like it is going to bust through the seams. I am looking for a pair of jeans that can comfortably house my tokus.

I’m not asking for too much. My biggest problem is I start out with specific ideas on what I’m looking for and end up coming home with dusty rose corduroys. Focus is an issue, I have to stay on target. It wouldn’t be much of a journey if the road didn’t meander.

Tell me, do you have a favourite brand of jeans? I could use some direction.


All hope is not lost, Meg sent me this article, from elle.com. I am going to hunt down the styles and see how they work for me.

Incase you missed it, we’ve debated over expensive denim before.

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  • Dayna
    September 29, 2016

    I am on Meg’s side…liked the first pair. The last ones were terry- return!

    • Leigh
      September 30, 2016

      Danes-I screwed up and took them all back!! Now the first ones aren’t available anymore!

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