iOGO Nano 5-Minute Lunch Challenge

By Monday, September 19, 2016

We are into our third week of school, yahoo!

The kids have settled back into their routine, well almost, they are still sleeping in too late. More importantly, Meg and I are getting back in the groove. The biggest hiccup has been lunches; between finding containers (where the hell do all the lids go?), and satisfying different appetites (which I hate admitting I do), we have both turned it into so much more than it needs to be.

When iOGO approached us with what can only be described as an impossible challenge: making a lunch in five minutes, we accepted. We put each other to the test, set the timer and had a good laugh attempting it. Did we do it? Place your bets? Leigh or Meg?

I’m going to be honest with you, that lunch came together more seamlessly than it usually would have. I actually feel quite proud – like I may make it in this crazy parenting world. I think the takeaway here is, it’s okay to have a few convenience items that make the lunch prepping process easier.

To stress free, easy lunches!

This is a sponsored post. However, our kids legitimately consume Nanos, so we didn’t feel like assholes working with iOGO. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Meg and I from getting real jobs.

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