Fitness Friday – Olympic Fever

By Friday, August 12, 2016

Have you been watching the Olympics? We have not turned the coverage off since it started last Friday. The whole family is into it. The other night, the kids had to come down the stairs and ask me to be quiet; I was cheering too loudly and they couldn’t get to sleep. Phelpsy was going for gold, I had reason to be pumped up.

Here are some of our favourite moments thus far.

While I was watching the women’s gymnastics event the other day the camera scanned to the next group of women set to compete. As the faces filled the screen, one did not look like the other. I couldn’t help but notice a woman who looked much older than her competitors.

The woman I noticed is Oksana Chusovitina, and she is old, relatively speaking. It is not everyday you see a 41-year-old mother competing at the Olympic games alongside girls. I came to learn that Oksana has a sixteen-year-old son; she is competing against girls as old as her own child. It’s insane, and extremely inspiring.


Watching Penny Oleksiak tie for the gold in the 100 m Freestyle. She kept her back to the results while she gathered herself after what must have been a serious lung burner. When she turned around, the camera caught her surprise at discovering her Olympic record setting results.

Leigh&Meg - Olympic Fever

I was driving in the car with Jax yesterday and he informed me two lesbian athletes got engaged at the games. I looked it up and he was half correct. Brazilian rugby Sevens player, Isadora Cerullo was proposed to by her girlfriend, a volunteer at the stadium. I also read the number of publicly out LGBT athletes competing has doubled since the London games. olympics-enjoyment-4The first ever refugee team, with ten members is competing in Rio.

Elenor Harvey and Ellie Black finished Canadian best-ever in fencing and gymnastics all-round. Way to go ladies.

Leigh informed me that my gymnast, Oksana, is not the oldest athlete competing in Rio. In fact, there is an American cyclist Kristin Armstrong, who turned 43 the day after she won her third consecutive gold.

Bill Murray’s tweet.


Have a great weekend watching the games.



  • jackie
    August 12, 2016

    Lesley Thompson-willie ties the record for most appearances by a female athlete at the Olympics. Coxswain for the Canadian women’s 8 rowing crew. 56 years old…

    • Meg
      August 13, 2016


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