Fitness Friday with Nicole Winhoffer

By Friday, July 15, 2016

Being in NYC this week for a conference meant I had to visit my favourite workout instructor, Nicole Winhoffer. If you recall, last year I had a private dance sesh with her. For the last two months I have been using Nicole’s streaming service; every week I get a new workout to do in my home. I love having access to her classes, but nothing compares to being there in person. Working out from home means I have the girls scrutinizing my every move, they will continually tell me “You don’t look like Nicole“, or ask why I keep stopping. I deeply appreciated trying to keep up in the class without their judgy little quips.

Nicole’s classes are held at the Standard Hotel in Chelsea (among other places), in a room that overlooks the water. The space is amazing and one that I have become familiar with from her on-line classes. Being at the Standard in person felt great. I even had the balls to jump up to the front of the class. When you see how high Nicole and Emily, another instructor, can lift their legs you feel like a stooge and require courage to workout along side them. Nevertheless, I did it and I sweated my ass off.

Leigh&Meg - Fitness Friday

I am willing to pay for Nicole’s streaming when I could easily go to a dance and toning class where I live, because her vibe is sensational. It’s indefensible. Her classes are fun, you feel that she is legitimately happy you are there and committed to toning your ass. I love it. I’m so glad I dragged Meg with me today, she was into it too.

The take away is much like Nicole’s messaging, listen to your body, not every workout should be the same. Have fun, sweat and be kind to yourself.

To dance!


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