Fitness Friday: Core, Core Baby

By Friday, August 5, 2016

This week I wanted to focus on the core. We all need a strong midline, not just when working out, but for everyday life.

As I was gleaning through countless articles and trying out workouts, the plank hold was a key move. There is so much more to a great core than rattling off standard situps.

You can plank a few ways, pictured above with straight legs or with bent knees:

Leigh & Meg: plank hold

If you’ve never tried a plank hold you need to; it’s a fantastic move that engages so much more than just your abdominals. We challenge you to see how long you can hold it.  A strong core will not only improve your posture, but it will help relieve back pain. Meg and I both have weak pelvic floors and are very mindful to engage our core properly before we lift weights. Here is a great article to read. We also defer to our pelvic floor expert Julia.  You should make it a priority to go and see one, regardless of whether or not you’ve had children and especially if you’re pregnant or just had a baby.

We love this No Sit Up Ab Work Out.

This workout gets your heart pumping and majorly engages the core.

We are always looking for ways to incorporate more yoga into our lives, this Quick Yoga workout for Abs is a step in the right direction.

And remember people, abs start in the kitchen.




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