Fitness Friday

By Friday, May 20, 2016

This post is inspired by our children, who never tire.  Last night they were begging me to take them to park, which isn’t really my cup of tea. A busy park is enemy number one for me, and last night the park was pumping.

I got them off going to the park by giving them hula hoops, foam discs and balls. So basic and yet so much fun. The best part about the flying foam discs is it’s impossible for anyone to get hurt – we’ve had a lot of frisbees to the face around here. They are also on sale right now, I love a deal.

Freya started off doing some yoga, well, at least I think that’s what she was attempting.

yoga pose

The set up

I decided we needed more space, luckily there is a soccer field across the street from my house.

the walk over

hula hoop fun 2

A game of monkey in the middle went down, which seemed totally rigged:

monkey in the middle

Monkey in the middle 2

I am constantly amazed at how much they move their bodies, and how active they are. I’ve contemplated trying to follow their every move for a day – but then thought better of it.

As far as last night’s activities go, the only thing I regret is not bringing my tumbler-I could have enjoyed a cocktail while they were playing.

Enjoy the long weekend.


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