Fitness Friday

By Friday, April 22, 2016

When it comes to staying motivated and sticking with your fitness goals, nothing beats group classes. You have the benefit of a personal trainer, telling you what to do; the energy of those around you, pushing you to do more reps than you would and the opportunity to put your workout in someone else’s hands. That’s my favourite part, not having to think about what I should do.

When it comes to finding a class or studio you like, you have to be willing to try multiple instructors and types of classes. Last year Leigh dragged me to a class at a well known gym franchise, I couldn’t handle it. It was terrible. The point is, classes are personal and instructors vary greatly, you can’t make up your mind after one go around. Even if the class sucks, you moved your body, and isn’t that the goal.

A few weeks ago, Leigh and I tried out Elle Fitness and Social in Toronto. We went to a morning class, our instructor, Gill, was fantastic and the workout, Hard Ass, was terrific. You left feeling like your ass was harder than before; a wonderful feeling. I know I am in a kickass class when I glance at the clock and am surprised that forty minutes has passed – that happened in Gill’s class at Elle Fitness. If you are bored in a group class, you are in the wrong class. Get out of there.

Leigh&Meg-Fitness Friday
This weekend grab a friend and try a new fitness class.
To keeping it fresh,
M & L

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