Fitness Friday

By Friday, March 25, 2016

Those are not two tone tank tops, that’s sweat. We were put through our paces at Spokehaus spin studio in Toronto.


It was way beyond your regular spin experience. Our instructor, Melissa was kick-ass, super engaging and invested in our workout. The tunes were blasting, the lights down low and candles lit. You don’t just sit on the bike and change your tension. You are constantly moving your whole body, doing pushups, presses, crunches all in the saddle, we even danced at one point; the hour flies by.

When you arrive you are fitted for cycle shoes, which make you feel like a legit cyclist. Our feet hurt after our first ride, but I’m assuming that is just a normal occurrence for two people who have not been on a bike for that amount of time in a while. Most of our “cycling” these days is done with the kids in-tow, which means 400m is the longest we are on our bike before a child goes down or we have to dismount to turn around and holler “keep up”.


bikesetupYou sweat so much during the workout, which I really love. There is something extremely satisfying about a workout that leaves you drenched. Let’s say you were overserved one night, accidently, this spin class is exactly what you should do the following morning. It cleanses you.

postclasssweatTo know Meg means you know she would never, and I mean never  shower off-site. She is a go-home in sweaty clothes, maybe even stop at the grocery store in your nasty gear kind of girl. The fact that she showered at Spokehaus speaks volumes about the facility. It is super clean with great products at your disposal. I actually got annoyed because she even washed her hair.


I want Spokehaus in the burbs. It’s was a wicked, sweaty workout.

Get moving.


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