Fitness Friday

By Friday, March 18, 2016

Meg and I checked out Orangetheory fitness this week and really liked it. It’s a one-hour class that combines cardio and weight training.  You wear a heart-rate monitor and train in targeted colour zones depending on what you are doing. We split time between the treadmill, rower and weight station. It’s instructor led, which I dig, because you can’t get lazy. The music is also nice and loud, so I couldn’t hear myself panting and weezing-a real bonus.




The workouts are never the same, every day involves a different combination of movements. Meg got a bit bored at our first workout, but loved the second one. I found both of them challenging and engaging.

Things to consider:

1.They love emailing you. They need to lay off this.

2.  You’re not going to know what’s going on for your first couple of workouts, go at least three times before deciding if it’s right for you.

3. Music. It’s not your playlist, you may not like it.

4.  We found the front desk staff were exceptional; warm, engaging and welcoming.

5. If you’re use to doing HIIT workouts, you are going to find these workouts feel long.

Leigh & Meg Fitness Friday

Leigh & Meg Fitness Friday

It’s Friday, if you have yet to have a great workout this week, jump into an Orangetheory class and give it a try. You definitely sweat your face off.

Here’s to finishing the week strong.



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