Fitness Friday: SoulCycle

By Friday, July 22, 2016

Meg and I researched the New York City fitness scene much like someone would the food. NYC is a fitness junkies dream, so we had to narrow down what we were going to try. We decided that a spin class at SoulCycle was something we had to do. As our sister-in-law puts it, if it is good enough for the Beckhams, it is good enough for us.

Fitness Friday - Soul Cycle

Not too long ago we did a spin class in Toronto at Spokehaus; we were looking forward to comparing the two studios. We jumped into a noon class at Soulcycle. Right away we were impressed with the facility. It was bright and clean, with plenty of lockers available and a bathroom stacked with any toiletries you may require, like deodorant for Meg. The staff were super friendly as well.

Fitness Friday - SoulCycle

Unbeknownst to the two of us, when you sign up for class you are assigned a particular bike. Meg and I had randomly selected two bikes and a friendly instructor helped to adjust the seat and handle bars. Sure enough, once my bike was set a girl approached me and let me know I was on her bike. I didn’t want to move, but she also didn’t want to pick another bike (like the one right beside me). Perhaps her and the bike have a relationship that I can not comprehend. Anyway, we had to set up two more bikes. After that it was smooth sailing.

We worked up a wicked sweat and loved the music. If I had one criticism it would the constant bobbing back and forth; I don’t need to do triceps presses and push ups on a bike. Let’s just ride. Clearly, I am in the minority; the class was jammed and there was a wait list.

If you live near one, give it a go. We would love to know what you think.

Have a great, active weekend.





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