Fitness Friday

By Friday, June 24, 2016

This week an odd thing happened, Leigh called me and said she wanted to max out a few of her lifts at the gym. That’s not something she ever wants to do. Leigh wants to dance, lunge and run – lifting heavy, that’s a rarity.

Maxing out at the gym can be extremely satisfying; hitting a new personal record or PR as we refer to them, is empowering. It also scorches fat; lifting weights makes you feel as if your muscles are tearing through your body fat. Who doesn’t love that.

We realize maxing out your back squat or snatch is not something everyone can do or wants to do, but there are lots of other fun ways to test your max. If you workout at home with limited equipment try these:

Max Burpees in 1 Min

Max Unbroken Air Squats – as many as you can do without taking a break.

Max Unbroken Push-ups

Max Handstand Hold – do this against a wall, not free standing.

Record how you do, spend the next two months working hard and then retest. Smashing personal records is one way to see your improvements.

To smashing PRs,


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