Fitness Friday

By Friday, June 10, 2016

This edition of Fitness Friday is about the burpee. We are part of a small minority that likes doing burpees; that’s right, we enjoy burpees. It is an easy bodyweight exercise to do that requires no equipment and can be modified. If you are not familiar with the burpee or the feeling of picking your tired ass up off the floor to jump, we highly recommend you start getting to know the burpee.

If like us, you do burpees quite frequently, there are some fun variations in the links below.

7 Burpee Variations

Everyone Can Do a Burpee

5 Reasons to Do Burpees Everyday

More Burpee Variations

Why not attempt the 100 burpee challenge this weekend? It’s pretty simple, do 100 burpees. If that sounds a bit fucking crazy, start with the 31- Day Burpee Challenge.

To burpees!



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