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By Friday, June 3, 2016

This past week, after reading an article, I began using the affirmation, “Good things are happening.” I figured. what could it hurt? After only doing so for five days, I am in awe of how much saying something so simple and uplifting can change my day. I can’t help but feel happy and excited after saying it. Good things are happening – try it.

Which brings me to this week’s Fitness Friday. The self-talk I spew at myself when it comes to my body is mostly negative; I would say it is a 68 / 32 percent split in favour of negativity. That’s lame. As a grown woman, a month away from her thirty-sixth birthday, I find it embarrassing. I thought I would have this shit under control by now. I believed, naively, that having babies, experiencing the power and strength that I possess, would shift my perspective so profoundly that I would no longer hem and haw over my ass cheeks. It didn’t, I’m still obsessed with the cellulite on my ass. Obsessed with it.

When I saw a comment made by Amy Schumer recently about her body, I felt inspired.

amyschumerinstagram“I think I look strong and healthy” – she does. I dig it. I dig that her split seems more in favour of body-love. So, along with the above-mentioned affirmation, I am also adding one about my body to the mix.

Beyond saying positive things to myself, I am truly trying to take steps toward being more accepting of myself. I found an interesting article that highlighted a number of issues related to our disappointments with our bodies; from the use of Photoshop to keep “sexiness just out of reach”, to setting reasonable goals, to Scarlet Johannsson’s lack of enthusiasm about her body.

I rarely struggle with getting to the gym five times a week, or eating mostly healthy (written after consuming a sour cream glazed doughnut), but I continually struggle with thinking that my body isn’t “perfect.” My goal is to shut the fuck up, remembering that my eighty-year-old self would probably tell me to forget about the dimples on my ass and be happy I’m strong and fit.

To body-love!


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  • Jackie
    June 3, 2016

    Yes!!! great post.

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