Family Mission Statement

By Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I never considered making a family mission statement until my family fell apart. Isn’t that just the way. Now that my girls are the product of a “broken” home, I’m all over it. The idea is not my brainchild, Meg gave it to me after she read what she describes as a very powerful book, Love Warrior. She also mentioned I am 100 per cent not in a place to read it-which gives me a very good indication as to what it is about.   The auther, Glennon Doyle Martin, also has a blog, which has provided me with some incredible nuggets of wisdom, when it comes to dealing with all of this pain and bullshit. And my friends, there is enough pain and bullshit to fill this world.

I digress, the family mission statement. Although we have yet to complete it, I feel now more than ever my family needs a road map, something that will remind them always we are still a family. I’ve told the girls multiple times the love never stops flowing, the path has merely changed.

Maybe I am overcompensating because I have a great sense of unease. I am in waters that I never thought I would be in. I wonder if I am trying to patch a hole that can not be patched. I am reeling and am clearly grasping at straws.

My greatest fear is that my girls will look back on what I did or didn’t do and criticize me as a mother. Or their shortcomings will be blamed on my failure as a mother and wife and my inability to know what they needed.

What has surprised me most in this painful process is that protecting them is a much more difficult job than healing my own heart.



P.S.-Still waiting on that Bora Bora offer.

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