Do You Take Your Kids Everywhere?

By Thursday, July 28, 2016

This past month has taken me to NYC and Los Angeles, two very different cities. Coming from a small town I am flabbergasted at how people do not wig out from claustrophobic induced panic attacks. Clearly I have discovered I am more at ease in open spaces and crave nature, fresh air and a slower pace.

In both cities I was in situations where I was thankfully childless. I can’t imagine discovering New York for the first time with three children in tow. The focus would have obviously shifted to them, and I felt manic enough traversing the streets and subways with Leigh. In my defense, her energy and mannerisms are like having a child around.

I look forward to exposing my children to both places. My kids would love NYC and all it’s brilliant energy. Would I ever take them to Times Square? That’s a firm NO. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. My kids would be entertained for hours on the beaches of California, despite their irrational fear of sharks.

More often than not, in both cities I saw parents toting their children places I would avoid like the plague, i.e. Times Square and the Crossfit Games. I was surprised how many children I saw at the games. It was so insanely hot, busy and required long periods of sitting; a recipe for disaster with my kids.

I am in awe of parents who take their kids everywhere with them. What I know is, I am a mother who would avoid a lot of situations and events if bringing my children was my only option. I would miss going to the Crossfit Games rather than go with kids. Shopping ikea on a Saturday with children gives me an allergic reaction. My life would resemble that of a hermit if I didn’t have Leigh around to watch them.

I want to know, do you jump right in and take your kids everywhere you go? Are you similar to me and have nightmares about being with your children in overcrowded venues? How do you make it work? What’s your threshold?



  • Corrie Henneberry
    July 28, 2016

    Ahhh, this is a good one. I just took Jess and Kyle to the Wayhome music festival this past weekend. I’ve also taken them to NYC, just last year, and many other places. I’d say, I’m somewhere in the middle. I love music festivals, and my kids love music also, I chose Wayhome as their first one, as I heard from many that it was a really nice, safe environment. We stayed on our RV, which was just a quick walk away, and we had other kids around us, so it worked well. I would not however take them to many other festivals I have been, we’d all lose our minds. I guess I make the decision to bring my kids based on the circumstances – I know my kids (fairly well), and what they enjoy vs. what makes them go nutty (slushies), so I am careful when choosing where to take them based on that. I really want them to grow up exposed to all sorts of culture, and I find they really surprise me when I take them, and us, out of our comfort zones to somewhere unfamiliar…they always have a blast!

    • Meg
      July 28, 2016

      Corrie – I think you hit it bang on! Love that you and your kiddies attend music festivals.

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