Dog Ownership: A Hank Marvin Update

By Thursday, October 1, 2015

It’s been almost ten weeks since Hank Marvin joined our crew. I thought it was time to do an update before Leigh jumped in and started spreading her bullshit. Overall I am thoroughly enjoying dog ownership, the pros significantly outweigh the cons; which is interesting because the list of negatives is longer. For instance, my list of cons would include:

Worrying about your kids getting intestinal parasites.

Dog feces/urine in your home.

Dog hair everywhere.

Items being ingested and then thrown up on your carpet. Multiple times. It seems Hank enjoys eating socks. I only came to know this when I found one in his excrement, and then the mate a day later.  The other day he ate one of Wizzy’s that didn’t sit well. He threw it up, but scarfed it back down before I was able to get to him. He proceeded to do that four more times. Luckily he ended up passing it before we had to take drastic measures. Good times.

Poop and scooping. It’s not fun, neither is disposing of it. Leigh snapped the picture of me above after we drove my car around the neighbourhood searching for the garbage truck. I hung the bag out the window hoping it wouldn’t break and that our search would be successful. Clearly it was, we caught the truck and the man let me chuck it in. It’s the little wins in life that make it sweet.

Training is a process and requires every family member to be on the same page.

I feel like I could go on, but I think you get the point. Despite all these, the pros win: he loves us, he is so cute and is teaching my kids a sense of responsibility. Kai has surprised us the most, he is all in and goes by the label Mini Caesar.


He loves to sit and mouth us:


He will just hang out like that. I think its his way of asking you to stay where you are and pet him,I’m not sure if I should be allowing it, providentially we started puppy classes three weeks ago, which Leigh finds so entertaining. Each time I attend class I give her the rundown on what we learned – I think it is helping her become a better mother.

Anyway, Hank is great. My family thinks I am becoming a “weird dog person”. I’m not, it just makes them happy to have something to make fun of me about. Leigh is the one who buys him “organic, $5 treats”, not me.

To owning a dog!



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  • keltie
    October 2, 2015

    the pros WAY outweigh the cons. Rooney snarfed down the leftover chicken when we weren’t looking. There goes my lunch. And now I need to fatten her up with rice and bread to make sure the bones pass with a soft coating. But then we go to the beach on saturday mornings and she goes apeshit when she sees her other dog pals, and runs in the water, and secures the perimeter (and other important police business). None of us can be in a bad mood around this dog, she’s the best. I’m so glad you have Hank, I know he’ll supply mucho laffs for the whole family.

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