Does it matter if they match? Dressing your kids

By Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Talk to me Goose….do you care if your kids have on ‘cute’ outfits?

Every morning Billie and I battle over clothing. It started some time ago. In an effort to avoid these morning clashes, I began consulting with her on every piece of clothing I buy. By consult I mean, pull said item out, show it to her, have her confirm a) that she likes it and b) that she will wear it. We had some success, however this approach is not fool-proof. Take her yellow skinny jeans for example, they are adorable. She voiced her acceptance of the pants, wore them twice and now has turned her back on them. They sit, each week, in her cubby, getting no action. Luckily they were a Joe Fresh $4.94 purchase.

Over the past few months it only seems to be getting worse. In an attempt to lessen the friction I put out two options and have her pick. This way I can control that the outfit will match and look pulled together and yet give her the opportunity to be behind the wheel. It’s still not working. Most mornings we have a disagreement. I am over it. I was telling Leigh about it:

Me: Ah man I am so over dressing Billie. We battle every morning.

Leigh: You still dress Bill?

Me: I don’t physically dress her. I pick out her outfit options and let her decide on which one.

Leigh: Oh my god. I didn’t’ realize you were still concerning yourself with that. I gave that up years ago. Why wouldn’t you let her dress herself, you can use that time to organize your Q-tips or whatever the f*ck it is you like to do around there.

Me: No kidding you gave it up years ago. Most days Freya rolls in with three tank tops layered, cropped tights and some weird skirt. I was hoping that wasn’t you picking out her outfits. Although you have been known to wear some shocking pieces in the past. I hate that gold blazer you had.

Leigh: I f*cking loved that blazer. I bought it at Tristan. I pick my battles. Dressing is not one of them. You have to let Billie be free, you are stifling her creativity. The poor child. Look at how well my girls are doing?

Heeding Leigh’s advice, I asked Billie if she would like to be in control of her wardrobe? Obviously the answer was yes, right after asking if it was okay if things didn’t match? Clearly I had been drilling the whole ‘matching’ thing into her. I did it with the boys too, it’s not as if I am only concerned with Billie’s wardrobe. Most days I still have to tell Kai to go select a different shirt, the boy has a whole drawer full of shirts but sticks to a rotation of five favourites. Why do I care? If their faces are clean, their teeth and hair brushed does it really matter what they are wearing? No it doesn’t. Yesterday Billie hit the streets in a mish-mash of items, totally tacky, but she was happy and I had time to organize my Q-tips.



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