Another DIY by Leigh – Dining Room Edition

By Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Decorating my house has been a journey. Like all journeys I embark on, my path is not clear; it’s basically unknown to me, really. One minute I want my home to be rustic and warm, the following moment I’m buying modern chairs and glitzy light fixtures. I struggle with sticking to my vision – perhaps it’s because I have so many “visions”.

Despite my uncertainty, a few months ago I pulled the trigger on a new dining room table. Was it the table I had been envisioning? No. Is it a quality piece that was on sale for an irresistible price? Yes. When I brought the table home I knew I had to temper it with sleek chairs to avoid going full country.

My previous “dining set” was accompanied by upholstered chairs, that flanked each end. I went back and forth whether or not to have the chairs reupholstered or chucked out. They were in a state that was beyond nasty. After assessing the cost of new chairs, I decided it was both economical and environmentally conscious of me to have slipcovers made, after all, I still liked the shape of said chairs.

That is where I was until a week ago: my country table surrounded by translucent ghost chairs and my new slipcovered ones. I purchased a sideboard, and besides some new lamps and chachkas, my dining room was coming together.

Yet, something was not quite right. The legs of my slipcovered chairs stuck out like a sore thumb. I decided a DIY was in order; the legs had to be painted. Like any DIY I do, there is an element of risk, to both me and the item I’m DIY’ing. Despite the odds, I persevered:

I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. My dining room makes me feel like an adult. Slowly but surely my house will be decorated.

To DIY’s and living on the edge!


In case you missed some of my past DIY’s, there was the time I made glitter shoes (which subsequently left glitter all over Meg’s house); my gothic mirror that I transformed into a princess mirror; lastly, a compilations of my best DIY’s.

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